englishik 2 d.png
1. John  can read Russian but he can’t write it.
2. Claire can ride a bike but she can’t  sweem.
3. They can learn to count but they can’ t learn to speak English.
4. I can use a computer but I can’t draw pictures with it.
5. She can to play the guitar but she can’t play the violin.
6. My sister can play the piano but she can’t sing.
7. Uncle Jim can fly a plane but he can’t ride a bike.
8. My mum can sing but she can’t play the guitar.


englishik 6.png

englishik 8 c d.png

We don’t like playing tennis.
She doesn’t like to going the cinema.
Do like going your paretns on holiday?
His brother really likes watching soccer.
I hate swimming in the sea.


Do you like watching sport on TV?
Do you watch sport every weekend?
Do you geting up early at the weekend?
Do you like get up early?
Do you often going to the cinema?
Do you like go to the cinema?


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